Which professional to choose to build his house?

Which professional to choose to build his house?

The individual house builder delivers a turnkey house

The choice of manufacturer is the safest and most protective choice.

The manufacturer offers you various standardized plans of well-organized houses, which you can customize within a certain limit. All additional work requested during the project is subject to additional endorsements and costs.

As the manufacturer makes many houses, its costs are rationalized, which gives an attractive price.

He manages the entire service: from the deposit of the building permit, if you give him the mandate, to the final delivery, through the coordination of the various trades. This has the advantage of having only one contact person throughout the project.

With the manufacturer, you sign one, which may or may not include the supply of the plans. This contract is regulated and must include a certain number of compulsory information. You have a withdrawal period of 10 days.

The construction price is fixed and final. The payment of deposits is staggered throughout the works, according to a precise and regulated schedule.

With the CCMI, you benefit from a certain number of guarantees:

  • The delivery guarantee at agreed prices and deadlines
  • Guarantee of reimbursement or deposit of the guarantee deposit
  • Etc.

Last important advantage if you call on a manufacturer: damage insurance. Mandatory, it is included in the overall price of the house. This professional therefore provides support throughout the project and important guarantees.

The architect is building a tailor-made house

Style, plan, materials, exposure: you have a clear idea of the house you aspire to ? In this case you can also call on an architect. After having exposed your way of life, your needs, your tastes and your desires, he will be able to draw tailor-made plans, according to your budget.

The intervention of an architect is compulsory for a house exceeding 150 m² of living space.

To act your collaboration with an architect you must sign an architect contract. You can download a standard contract from the Order of Architects website.

The method of remuneration can be fixed or calculated as a percentage depending on the amount of the work.

Unlike a manufacturer, it is up to you to sign contracts directly with the various craftsmen or trades. You are the client, unless you subcontract this part to the architect. The latter may, at your request, coordinate the work and manage the various stakeholders. In this case, you sign a contract in “full mission”.

In general, it is the architect who files the building permit application.

Finally, be aware that as a contracting authority, you must take out damage insurance before the start of the site, which protects construction for the next ten years.

The general building company builds a house on your own plans

Calling on a general construction company or different artisans is the cheapest option, but also the riskiest and most complex to manage.

First, a general building company does not design a house plan. It will be up to you to provide him with the plans and technical documents. You will also need to choose in detail all of the decorative elements of your home: kitchen, bathroom, paintings, floor coverings, etc.

If you use multiple artisans, you will need to negotiate prices with each of them and be available to coordinate them.

The general construction company takes responsibility for all the work for a fixed price. You will be regularly invited to site visits to see the progress of the work.

If you want to mandate a general building company to build your house, you will have to sign a general business contract. This document must contain a precise description of the work that will be entrusted to the company, but also:

  • The schedule of fundraising calls corresponding to each work tranche
  • The procedure to follow in case of modifications to the project
  • The amount of late penalties
  • The date of completion of the works

The general construction company does not deal with administrative procedures with the town hall: they are your responsibility.

If the general building company calls on subcontractors, ask them for their ten-year insurance. Finally as with an architect, you must take out damage insurance before the start of the work.

For Pierres and Territories of France Center Atlantique calling on a manufacturer of individual houses to have your house built in subdivision is the solution that brings you the most guarantees and serenity.

Building a subdivision house is usually the project of a life that has many benefits. Don’t wait any longer, discover all of our land for sale.

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