What is the price of a modular wood house?

What is the price of a modular wood house?

Industrial type house in container € 320 € 385 € 450
Construction of a modular house € 320 € 1,410 € 2,500
Modular concrete house € 1,000 € 1,250 € 1,500
Wooden modular house € 2,000 € 2,250 € 2,500

These tariffs are expressed in Euros, all taxes included (TTC). They come from price averages from various construction websites.

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Building a house that meets his needs and desires is the dream of many people. The modular house makes this dream more accessible, because it is 20% to 30% cheaper than a house built in the traditional way. The principles of construction of a modular house allow, in fact, to save money, while having a quality dwelling.

It is difficult to indicate a universal price for a modular individual habitat, since several factors influence its cost. However, to get an idea of the budget necessary for its construction, we are showing you here some prices observed, fluctuating in a wide range from € 320 to more than € 2,500 per square meter.

Price of a modular house construction: the principles of construction

The modular house is entirely manufactured in the factory. It is also called a prefabricated house. The modules are then delivered to the site. They go up in a few days or even a few hours. The assembly is generally done by a professional. The reduced duration of the site then makes it possible to make significant savings on the cost of labor. In addition, only one company is present on the site. It is therefore not necessary to manage the planning of several stakeholders. The modules can even be assembled directly by the owner of the house, for the most handy and best equipped people. In this case, it is self-construction.

The modules are made either of wood or of concrete. They can also be in the form of containers. But in all cases, the thermal regulations (RT 2012 currently in force) are obligatorily respected. Some prefabricated houses go beyond and are recognized as BBC (low consumption building) or are even bioclimatic, that is to say that they consume very little energy and are made with environmentally friendly materials.

Finally, a modular house is not necessarily a standardized house. Indeed, the design of the modules can be done tailor-made. If the house is delivered key in corn, the finishes are also personalized. In addition, extensions such as a garage or veranda are easily added to a modular dwelling.

Price of a modular house construction: the factors influencing its cost

The first factor determining the cost of a prefabricated house is the material used: wood, concrete or container. Wood is a natural material with excellent thermal performance. However, the wooden modular house is also the most expensive (from € 2,000 to € 2,500 per m²). The modular concrete house is up to twice as expensive (€ 1,000 to € 1,500 per m²). Finally, the industrial type of container is the most economical, because its construction is simplified. It returns, in fact, between 320 € and 450 € per m².

The selected model, area, layout, equipment have an impact on the price. In any case, the more personalized the construction, the more expensive it is. Likewise, a BBC modular house or a bioclimatic modular house requires a larger budget for construction. But the savings made on the energy bill make it possible to make this investment profitable after a few years. In addition, this is a favorable argument, in the event of resale of the property.

Price of a modular house construction: the prices recorded

To get an idea of the budget necessary to build a modular house, we are giving you some established rates. Prices for houses in self-construction therefore start at € 700 per m². At this price, your detached house will simply be out of water and out of air, once the modules have been installed. This means that only the work of structural work, installation of carpentry (windows and doors) and installation of the roof will be carried out. On the other hand, a prefabricated house turnkey can reach 2,000 € or more if it is made of wood and if the finishes are of high quality (laying a natural stone tiles or green roof, for example).

For example, the call price for a modular wooden house of 160 m² SHON to finish building is set at € 70,000. The term SHON means net non-work area and designates the living area of a construction. For the same house but turnkey, that is to say ready to move in, you must pay at least € 160,000 excluding connections and off foundations.

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