Top 5 Ideas for Dressing and Decorating Your Walls?

Top 5 Ideas for Dressing and Decorating Your Walls?

An empty wall in a house seems quite sad ! To brighten up your interior, but above all to personalize it according to your tastes, a beautiful wall decoration presents itself as the best alternative. Design wall decoration, decorative painting, artist decoration, mirror … CM CREATION presents five decorative ideas to dress your walls.

1. A plexiglass frame with photo or decorative table

First alternative to dress the walls of your house: the plexiglass frame ! This solution has the advantage of offering a high quality of support. Indeed, the direct printing of art photography or graphic composition on the plexiglass gives the work great shine and good brightness. In addition, thanks to the addition of a second layer of white on the print, the latter is better protected. Finally, the plexiglass framework also has the advantage of offering a very great freedom concerning the image to be printed and the format:

• 80×120 landscape photography to integrate nature into your home

• 100×100 design wall table for a street art or contemporary art atmosphere

• Small 40×40 showcase for discrete decoration • Tailor-made printing of a photograph or personal creation

• … Whatever space you have available at home and the atmosphere you want to build, a CM CREATION plexiglass frame will find its place.

2. Kakemono: wall decoration borrowed in Japan

Fancy a little more originality ? Do you know the kakemono ? This wall decoration of Japanese origin now finds its place perfectly in European interiors. The kakemono draws its originality through its support: the work is printed on paper or a burlap taking the form of a roll. Reproduction of an engraving, a map, an unprecedented illustration … Once unrolled and hung on the wall, our kakemonos will give charm to your walls.

3. Limited serial artist decoration

You want to build a unique interior decoration ? To do this, opt for a wall creation in limited edition. Through its CM PREMIUIM range, CM CREATION has selected a whole panel of artists with various styles. From photography to painting, our artists travel through numerous artistic movements to offer new and impactful works. They will make your interior a real art gallery.

4. The decorative mirror: decorative and practical object

Wall decoration is not the prerogative of paintings and photos ! As proof, a mirror also presents itself as a beautiful decorative object which fully participates in building an interior atmosphere. Rotin mirror for a vintage decoration, large framed mirror allowing to give more depth to a room, decor mirror for children … With CM CREATION, find all the styles of mirrors to decorate your rooms.

5. Decorative wallpaper: new trend

Last idea to build a trendy wall decoration: wallpaper ! Wallpaper is back in fashion, but in a different way ! Today, it is widely used to decorate part of a wall in order to sublimate other decorative elements (a sofa, a table …) or even build a contrasting atmosphere. Let your imagination run free by incorporating a nice CM CREATION wallpaper on your walls.

As you will understand, there are endless solutions to decorate the walls. Table, plexiglass frame, wallpaper, mirror … The important thing is not the object of wall decoration chosen, but to ensure that your interior decor is in your image. So it’s up to you to have fun !

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