How to use Home Design and planning software?

How to use Home Design and planning software?

Managing a project can quickly become very complicated. If you manage a lot of projects at once or work with multiple stakeholders, it will be very easy to lose ground if you are not organized.

We have selected 15 tools for you that will allow you to organize your projects with your partners, teams or customers.

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monday.comSponsored is a user-friendly and visual work platform for managing your teams and projects.

This tool allows you to create your own workflow or to choose from many workspaces to synchronize, plan, organize and monitor your team’s projects.

The platform is available from € 8 per user / month. Take advantage of a free trial now.

Gouti is an ERP for project portfolio management dedicated to the work of project managers, the collaboration of teams and the needs for cross-sections of managers.

The solution offers a common methodology and processes around the projects. It allows projects to be initialized, planned, affected work, loads and includes reporting. For cross-management Gouti makes it possible to monitor indicators, resources, past times or occupancy rates.

A Enterprise version on quote is offered to organizations in any sector of activity. It makes it possible to manage a personalized space of their own.

Free tools for project management

ProjeQtOr, the quality oriented open-source tool

ProjeQtOr is an Open-Source project organizer. Its name comes from “Quality based Project Organizer”. Adapted for all types of projects, this management tool will be able to particularly satisfy people with a computer project.

The interface is collaborative and you can manage schedules, resources, risks or even costs.

Trello is more focused on task management. It allows the creation of blocks and tasks, the assignment to a person, the monitoring of the progress of the different to-do, the reminder of the end date of a task etc.

It is ideal for freelancers working with partners or to offer a follow-up of the progress of your work to your customers.

Freedcamp, the all-in-one free project management tool

A direct competing service of the famous Basecamp, Freedcamp offers the tools necessary for the management of your projects but also the billing and linking of your teams internally.

It is possible to couple it with many external CRM tools, and it is also free.

Buddy, the management tool for developers

Buddy will allow you to simplify the integration and delivery of your development projects. This free software optimizes your workflows CI / CD for an average deployment speed of 12 seconds.

The free service is adapted to freelancers. For team use, favor a professional plan, starting with $ 35 per month., to better organize your projects

This free project management tool offers the grouping of several services.

You will be able to monitor the management of your projects by giving priority to some of them, you will be able to mark your projects with a status, and even edit Gantt diagrams and reports.

Collaborative, the online project management tool

With internal messaging, this open source software allows you to manage projects, tasks and users. You can also follow the activities and the hours and then edit reports.

Redmine, the open-source web application

Redmine is an Open Source project management tool offering you classic functionalities: project monitoring, creation of Gantt diagrams, time management …

Note that Redmine has an improved and paid version.

Paid tools for project management

Teamwork, to facilitate collaboration with your team

Keep all tasks involving your team in one place with the Teamwork management tool.

Collaborate and work with your team in real time for concrete results.

Zoho, the full project management application

This project management tool also has its own mobile application.

The functionalities are numerous since you will be able for example to coordinate in all simplicity your projects and your tasks, create Gantt diagrams, have access to detailed reports.

A well-known tool in project management, Basecamp will make it easier for you to organize your projects with your collaborators and your clients. You can create to-do lists, easily assign tasks, share files and follow the progress of the project.

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Asana, an intuitive interface

Asana is a powerful tool for managing team projects and also has a mobile application.

Asana offers an intuitive interface and a very complete service, based on efficiency and flexibility of use: plan each step, assign tasks, create a schedule, share files and keep an eye on the key dates of your project thanks to to a calendar.

ProofHub, a comprehensive project management tool

ProofHub is a tool that offers a cat and discussion system between the members of your teams, sharing of notes, to-do list, calendar or even Gantt diagram. There are many features that allow ProofHub to be a very comprehensive project management tool.

Harvest, to follow the time spent on your projects

Harvest is a tool that offers time monitoring per project and per person. You can also easily generate an invoice based on the different information collected in your reports.

PlanZone, to manage your projects online

PlanZone is an online project management tool. The proposed features include resource management, creation of Gantt diagrams, document sharing, use of collaborative messaging, provision of a project schedule, time sheets and reports.

Wrike, the Cloud tool

Wrike is a cloud-based project management tool. Many features will be available to you to create, plan, collaborate and analyze your projects. Wrike also integrates with other tools such as GitHub and Adobe.

Each project management software on this list has its own advantages. Study and compare the different solutions to find the most suitable tool for your business.

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