How to make the plans for his detached house?

How to make the plans for his detached house?

Making your own house plans is possible !

If you have a very precise idea of what you want, it is even advisable.

However, creating your home from A to Z can become a sacred way of the cross, especially when you know nothing about it.

It is for this reason that it is first necessary to draw up specifications for your project. Type of architecture, living space, number of rooms, annexes, local PLU constraints … Nothing should be left to chance !

To plan your home without the intervention of an architect, there are several solutions: draw your house by hand, download a free plan or opt for architectural software

Draw the plans of his house by hand

To create a house plan with only graph paper, a pencil, and an eraser, it is about respecting certain rules. Here’s how to draw a house plan in hand:

  • Make a scale plan: this is generally 1 / 100th. On your graph paper, 1 cm actually equals 1 m. For the mass plan and the situation plan, choose a smaller scale. Indeed, these represent your project as a whole.
  1. Start from the surveyor’s plan: thus, the establishment of your house on the ground will be more reliable and clear.
  2. Draw each level of your house: either the basement, the rdc, and the floors.
  3. Show openings: either exterior walls, doors, patio doors and windows.
  4. Make a map of the rooms: delimit them by partitions and interior doors.
  5. Define the means of access: either stairs, corridors, etc.

The design of your house plan should be as clear and clean as possible.

Nota bene: keep in mind that your 2D plan must be able to be transposed to 3D plan. Also, you can specify your drawing by making the plan This will make it easier to determine the location of electrical outlets, switches and light points.

Download a free architect plan

If you lack inspiration, you can also make a home plan from online models.

Indeed, you can find a whole bunch of home plans downloadable from the internet to find design ideas.

Of course, these architectural plans will require some adjustments to meet the requirements of your local urban plan. You may then need to call on an architect to make the required changes.

Please note, most of these plans actually belong to manufacturers who will ask you to register online to be able to consult their achievements.

It will therefore not be a question of getting hold of the plans as they are but of drawing the inspiration necessary to make the plans of your house.

Make plans of his house with architecture software

Alas, you do not have a good pencil stroke … But you know very well how to use a computer !

This is good since it is quite possible to draw an online plan using architecture software.

The latter must allow you to carry out your 2D and 3D plans in order to achieve the layout of your future at home.

In addition, you can also develop your decoration in a few clicks using software and layout apps such as:

  • Kozikaza
  • Pantone Studio
  • Homestyler
  • Houzz

Ultimately, planning your home yourself is not that complicated. However, this is only possible if the total living area of your home does not exceed 150 m2.

Beyond that, you must call on an architect.

Otherwise, you can also opt for a new and customizable detached house without having to take care of the plans !

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