How to make plans for your home?

How to make plans for your home?

It is essential to establish a program, that is to say a specification of the project: type of house, living space, number of rooms, urban planning constraints, etc. Then you can quite draw your house plans yourself. Depending on your affinities with paper, pencil and gum or computer keyboard, it is by hand or through software that you will make the plans.

Draw the plans of his house by hand

Start by choosing a scale. In general, the plans are drawn at 1 / 100th: 1 cm on the paper is actually equivalent to 1 m. Preferably take graph paper, a pencil of paper, a ruler and a good eraser, as you will make extensive use of it !
Please note, the mass plan and the situation plan are on a smaller scale, since they represent the project as a whole.

To draw the location of the house on the ground, preferably start from the plan drawn up by the surveyor. Beware of possible errors in the cadastral plane. It is not always reliable.
By convention, the north is still located at the top of the sheet.

Start by drawing the plan for each level (subground, ground floor, floor), showing the exterior walls, doors, patio doors and windows. Then delimit each room by drawing the partitions and the interior doors. Define the place of stairs, corridors, etc.

While tracing your sketches, remember that everything on 2D paper must translate into 3D. Think in 3D ! To concretely realize the interior plan of your house, do not hesitate to furnish it: place furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, etc in the rooms intended for them. This work will help you choose the location of light points, electrical outlets and switches.

Draw plans for his house with software

If the drawing is not your forte, you can use architecture software to trace your home’s plans. The most complete offer to carry out the plans in 2D but also in 3D. You can then really carry out the layout plan of your house.

The advantage of these IT tools is that you can change the layout of the parts, their surface area, their layout and their decoration. They are easy to use and have tutorials to help you take them in hand. These software (free or paid) are either to be downloaded or directly accessible online without download.

Free home plans available on the Internet

On the Internet you find many sites offering free house plans. Most are actually manufacturer or manufacturer association sites that present their achievements to you. To access the plans, you must register. Of course, the manufacturer will then offer you to carry out your project !

It may be interesting to consult these plans even if you then set out to carry out your plans yourself. They can be a source of inspiration. But beware, avoid taking up a plan as is, unless it is explicitly authorized.

To make the plans for your home, take your time. It takes a few hours of work to achieve a satisfactory result. That is to say a result which will suit you but which will take into account all the technical constraints of construction and all the constraints of town planning.
Take a steady step back and then resume your work
. Do not hesitate to ask those around you to reread your work and check the consistency of your project.

: For the deposit of the building permit, 4 plans are requested (The mass plan, the situation plan, the facade plan and the cutting plan). The interior plan is no longer required. On the other hand, it is as essential as the others because it is he who will guide the manufacturer to realize your place of life.

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