How to make a new house construction plan?

How to make a new house construction plan?

Save money by making your house plan yourself. If the intervention of an architect is rather reassuring from a technical and legal point of view, it remains expensive.

Before starting the plans, it is necessary to carry out a specification

There is no point in rushing into your plan. Consider first establishing specifications by asking you:

  • What should be my living space ?
  • What is the profile of my home: house on the floor or house on the level ?
  • Should I include a basement ?
  • What style of architecture should I turn to ?
  • What is the shape of my home: in L, in T …?
  • What is the orientation of my house plan ?
  • What are the materials to choose for the structure of my house ?
  • How much of my involvement in the construction of my house will be ?

From the answers, you have the basis for your future plan, which is based on volumes, field constraints, and an architectural style.

The realization of plans by an architect can cost from 2,000 to 5,000 € HT, depending on their complexity

How to draw plans for your home ?

The house plan can be made from software that you can download from the internet. Free software exists like Archi Facile, Architecture 3D. However, paid software will have all the functionality to support you in your project like Architects3D (three-dimensional design, interactivity, household integration, personalization, etc.). It is also possible to obtain free house plans. Be aware that beyond 150 m² without the walls, validation by an architect is compulsory.

In order to limit energy losses, take care to minimize the exterior surfaces of your accommodation such as facades and roof. The heating costs are proportional to the surface of the exterior walls. A formula tells you the right ratio: divide the surface of the exterior walls by the volume of your house. The ratio must be less than 0.70. On this issue, a house on the floor is logically more advantageous.

Beyond 150 m² without the walls, validation of the plan of your house by an architect is compulsory.

The tips of the architects to carry out the house plans

The height of the ceilings

The greater the height of the ceilings, the more the costs to heat the room will be. Better to opt for a heated floor and banish electric convectors.

The openings

Brightness is an essential element and window positioning is strategic. For an corner piece, for example, install two windows, large and small, on adjacent walls. Please note, however, this formula decreases the space for your furniture.


Straight in shape, a rotating quarter, spiral, or helical, anticipate their functionality rather than their aestheticism. It is recommended to size them by projecting all your furniture and cupboards to scale.

Take into account the local urban plan

Several attempts are necessary before obtaining a satisfactory end result. Be aware that all constructions must comply with the local urban plan (PLU). This document specifies, common by municipality, the architectural rules in force. In order to obtain your building permit, it is therefore necessary to carry out a feasibility study responding to the problems:

  • access and roads.
  • serving wastewater networks.
  • withdrawals and alignments with public rights-of-way.
  • the separating limit of neighborhood.
  • of the exterior appearance.
  • free space and plantations.

The key points to remember

It is quite possible to carry out the plan for your home. The key is to ask yourself the right questions. But if your house is over 150 m² without the walls, you must have it validated by an architect.

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