How to Draw a 3D House in 5 Steps?

How to Draw a 3D House in 5 Steps?

If you start in 3D printing with a 3D pen, this tuto can be very useful for you in order to make a magnificent three-dimensional house. Here is an article to provide you with a specific plan for the construction of this house using a 3D pen

Step 1: Draw the walls and floor of the house

You can use 3D PLA or ABS filament to carry out this construction. Most of the time, beginners tend to be wrong about making such a 3D structure. Indeed, they make a beautiful base and then start to draw the walls in the air. The problem with this technique is that it requires a master’s precision which is not always acquired at the start. We therefore strongly recommend that you draw the house piece by piece on a flat surface. Thus, thereafter, you will be able to weld the parts together thanks to the plastic filament. Just start by drawing four 2 x 2 squares. These squares will be useful for making three walls as well as the floor.

Step 2: the fourth wall to build the house

You noticed, in the previous step, we only built three walls. Why? Simply because a wall in the house must contain the front door. Again, by performing this flat part, you may have a much more beautiful house door. We haven’t mentioned this before, but you can leave holes in the other walls to create windows afterwards.

Step 3: Print the roof of the house

What is a house without a roof? Be careful, however, with this part which may seem simple but which has some difficulties in reality. As presented in the first step, we make walls of 2 x 2. If we do a little calculation, we realize that the height of the roof must be at least 1.41 cm. Indeed, with the calculation the hypotenuse, we notice that 1.41² + 1.41² = 2² (a² + b² = c²). We therefore recommend to you at least a roof height of 1.5 cm in order to be able to have a margin in the event of imprecision. In addition, this will allow you to make a beautiful ledge to beautify your home. There are many ways to make a roof. Indeed, they exist in all forms. Here we will focus on two types of roofs:

  • The two-sided triangular roof.
  • The three or four-sided pyramid roof.

Step 4: Merging the parts

Using your 3D Pen, collect the pieces side by side in order to weld them using the PLA or ABS filament. You will notice, however, that it is complicated to weld pieces together while they have to be maintained. Indeed, we only have two hands to hold the pen and the two pieces. Rather complicated therefore. A trick to counter this is to use sticky paper. Just put one of the two pieces you want to assemble on the table and fix there with sticky paper. Then take the pen in one hand and the second room in the other. Thanks to this technique, you can much more easily weld the parts.

  1. The floor + a wall.
  2. Attach the other 3 facades.
  3. Weld the parts of the roof together. (If you have created a roof in two parts, you can create a joint on the upper part to give an aspect of tile)
  4. Attach the roof to the body of the house

Step 5: Add details using the 3D felt

Among the details on the roof, we can find :

  • Tiles
  • Windows
  • A door outline
  • A fireplace
  • A gutter
  • A balcony
  • As well as the whole universe around the house (garden, barriers, entrance gate,… )

Send us photos of your creations! We will be happy to see them!

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